About us

The Guest House "Golfo della Luna" is located in the center of La Spezia, Via Nino Bixio, 84  only 200 meters far from the train station "La Spezia Centrale". We are at the first floor of an heritage building of the late nineteenth century fascinating with its historical details.

The guest house has been completely renovated in 2015 and it offers 4 comfortable rooms tastefully decorated and all en-suite.

All the rooms have:  fast and free wi-fi connection; air conditioning; minibar; tv lcd 32”; hairdrier; table and armchair. A common room is available for our customers for: breakfast; reading; receive turistic information and to socialize with other guests.

New apartment: "Golfo della Luna 2"  located in Via Marco Federici, 19 La Spezia, 200 meters far from La Spezia Centrale train station. PRIVATE PARKING space available in the little square downstairs (to book in advance and not included).

The apartment is tastefully furnished and equipped with all comforts. It consists of: Entrance; Kitchen; Bathrom; Bedroom and a small terrace.

Free fast wi-fi connection; clima; soundproof windows; complete kitchen; Bathroom with shower and washing machine.


The Rules of the Golfo della Luna Guest House located in La Spezia have a contractual nature between the accommodation facility and the Guest from the moment the Guest completes the booking which is accepted by the Guest House. Failure to comply with the Regulations authorizes the Structure to remove the offender and, if necessary, to report it to the Public Authorities. The minimum age to rent a room is 18. Minors unaccompanied by parents or a responsible adult are required to show in the structure, in addition to their valid document, a photocopy of the identity document of the parents with the telephone number together with a letter of indemnity. The accompanying person assumes responsibility for the truthfulness of the document presented. The conduct held by both adults and minors is considered contractually relevant and, therefore, any violation of the rules of this regulation (including the terms and conditions in the dedicated paragraph) and the common rules of civil coexistence will, according to the judgment contractually assigned without appeal to the Management, the immediate termination of the contract due to the fault of the Guest and the removal of the Landlord with immediate effect. Furthermore, the Management is entitled to withhold the sums already paid and to demand the remaining sums, also by way of compensation for damage, without prejudice to the right to compensation for the greater damage ascertained. The landlord does not have a lift, therefore the use of the handrail is recommended, paying attention to the stairs, internal and external steps both to the rooms and to the common areas as well as those of the balconies if they are present. Be careful not to slip in the bathrooms when you use the shower or make use of other sanitary ware, water, soap spills, not to trip over the mat, the shower doors, the bathroom stool and other objects therein. It is forbidden to lean out of windows, balconies and stair handrails. You must always be careful and take care of minors both in the rooms, on the balconies and in the common areas as well as in the condominium stairs. Be very careful to close the shutters properly using the hooks provided; both when opening and closing these, be careful not to damage yourself and not to lean out. The closing of doors, gates and main doors, shutters and windows must be carried out by adults. It is also forbidden to deposit bulky objects of various types, such as umbrellas, deck chairs, strollers, games in the common areas, on the landing, in the hallway of the stairs and on the balconies. The Customer undertakes to respect the premises and the things contained therein. Any damage caused voluntarily or due to carelessness and distraction will be charged at the cost of the restoration. Take care of the furniture and everything that is contained in the structure. Pay attention to bulky objects such as stools, poufs, chairs, lamps and other light points in general both hanging and supportive or on the wall, desks and desks, baskets, umbrella stands, carpets, mirrors, both support and wall or hanging, door stops on the floor and shockproof applications such as those on doors or cabinet doors or other and other things present. Take care of yourself and of the people who are with you, both adults and minors. WI-FI: Free WI FI service and use of PC in the common area entrance. The use of this network is associated with conditions of use, which must be accepted by all users. Specifically: • It is strictly forbidden to use the network: a) to spread, consult and / or download spam, viruses or illegal software; b) to access and / or allow third parties to access networks, the use of which is not permitted to the public; c) for illegal, threatening, abusive, intimidating, fraudulent, illicit and / or defamatory practices, dissemination of personal content and slander, revenge porn and stalking, unauthorized access to data ... • Sending information (including also e-mails) within the network is not protected and can be subject to loss, interception and / or modification, therefore users are advised to use a VPN connection if it is necessary to send confidential information or sensitive data or if a connection to a corporate network. • The use of the network can never be in contrast with national laws and regulations. • The use of the network is entirely at the user's risk, therefore the network provider is not liable in any way for damages of any kind resulting from its use. • The service provider reserves the right to withdraw access to the network from users who do not comply with the conditions of use and to inform the Competent Authorities of any improper use, which could cause damage to the structure and its Guests. If there are any hints of improper use, the Management reserves the right to deliver all the necessary material, including the Surveillance Cameras used for the safety of the Guests, to the Postal Police, the body competent for checks in case of improper use. The responsibility for any damage caused to the service provider resulting from failure to comply with the conditions of use is the sole responsibility of the user who procured them, even involuntarily. As it is not a hotel, there is no type of surveillance, therefore we decline all responsibility for loss, theft, damage to objects of your property left inside the structure. The House Rules are an integral part of the Regulations described in the Terms & Conditions paragraph, a full copy is available in each room among the information material: all guests are required to respect it. The House Rules, the Terms and Conditions and all the information described in the different sections of the site in Italian are authentic. Therefore, at the time of booking the above written in Italian is considered accepted. The English version has the only purpose of illustrating the understanding of what is declared in Italian. Only the Italian version is valid in case of misunderstandings and disputes. You can contact us at +39 0187 303651 or send an email to info@golfodellaluna.it